Assign variables using Latin letters and numbers. It is enough to simply add a percent sign % before the variable name. For example %X or %Variable.

🐫 Variable name must not contain spaces. Take it as Paradigm.

All variables belong to the individual user and are continuously being updated as the bot is used. It means that the variable %X value might vary for different users. Such variables are called UX or user experience.

To request the variable value type a double percent sign in the node %%Variable — the chatbot will stop and wait for the human to set the value.

Bots & Global variables

You can use global variables to share the data between users and all bots in your account.

For example %bot.Variable=42 will be equal 42 for all users inside your bot.

Another example %global.Variable=John Galt will be equal John Galt for all bots inside your pipe account.

🗺 ✏️ Variables